Tools and Equipment

If you’re a coffee enthusiast who appreciates the art of making coffee and the joy of tasting a good brew, we offer barista tools and equipment for use at home or in the hospitality industry.

Experience Efficiency With Our Coffee Barista Equipment

We provide professional espresso machines such as the Nuova Simonelli®, a brand established in 1936, and the Victoria Arduino brand, founded in 1905. Besides the ergonomic fittings, quality materials, and dependable performance you can expect from these machines, here’s what else you can look forward to from our range

  • Grinders. Our collection includes the Mythos One Clima Pro, which improves grind consistency and maintains the temperature of the burs so that you won’t have to adjust your grinder throughout the day. Alternatively, the compact Rhino hand grinder is suitable for when you have to travel so that you can still enjoy artisanal coffee while on holiday.
  • Coffee tamper from NZ. This tool is indispensable for professional baristas to measure precise and balanced units of coffee. The commercial grade Incasa tamper features an aluminium handle and stainless steel flat base. You’ll also find tamping mats to ensure even pressure distribution for a skillfully made cup of coffee.
  • Coffee filters NZ. We stock the Japanese brand Hario V60 paper, included in your Delter coffee press purchase. You’ll also find the innovative Hario V60 dripper, a ceramic cup that comes with a filter cone that sits directly over the cup while you brew.
  • Award-winning blends. Our one-stop shop also offers various roasts depending on your taste, such as the fruity Acacia Bay and Mahia, spicy Coromandel, and the nutty Fair Trade Organic.

Why Sacred Grounds

We’re a locally owned business staffed with individuals that have three generations of coffee knowledge and experience. We also have a track record of clients who commend us for our service and competitive prices.


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