Wholesale Coffee Supplier in NZ

​Grow your business with customers who come
back for more!

Wholesale Coffee Beans, Barista Training & Coffee Equipment, New Zealand

Wholesale Coffee Beans, Equipment, and Barista Training

Great coffee
every time

High-quality, great-tasting coffee beans roasted with care in Taupo, NZ.

Barista training
from experts

With expert barista training, your staff will serve the best cup every time.

The best

Serve the best coffee with the right coffee equipment for your needs.

Get your customers drinking great coffee and coming back for more!

Great coffee is great for business. 

At Sacred Grounds, we focus on getting your customers to order the magic second cup that adds value to every visit. Through our years in hospitality and coffee roasting, we have worked out a few ways to make this magic a reality.

This is why we create a partnership with you, to help you grow your business with repeat customers, who appreciate a great cup of coffee every time.

Sacred Grounds. Wholesale coffee sales, barista training and coffee equipment

Conversation starter

Coffee is a conduit to great conversation. And your customers deserve to think of your cafe as a place to meet friends over a tasty, flavour-packed cup of coffee.

Come back for a second cup

Serving excellent coffee makes for an excellent day. So your customers will always come back for that magic second cup. Growing your business with repeat customers.

Coffee roasted with care

We're passionate about helping you serve your customers a great cup of coffee. So we take care of the beans, the delivery and help you to serve the best cup.

Award winning coffee

Sacred Grounds; from Taupo to New Zealand

Our coffee comes from New Zealand suppliers who import green beans direct from ethically sourced and sustainable farmers.

We roast with precision and control on our new Pacrone drum roaster recording every step and cup testing each batch. from green beans to rich and roasted coffee beans. Our process and ethos are: we take care with everything we do and bring out the best in every blend. 

Our branding and packaging are simple because it’s our coffee that’s sweet and complex.

Fantastic quality beans and even better service.

~ Locky

Fantastic quality beans and even better service.~ Locky

Great coffee. And seeing coffee beans roasted is fun experience.

~ Gemma

Great coffee. And seeing coffee beans roasted is fun experience.~ Gemma

Award winning coffee at its best

Great service and technical experience with everything to do with coffee. Highly recommended.

~ Michael

Award winning coffee at its best Great service and technical experience with everything to do with coffee. Highly recommended.~ Michael

Let's get together and talk coffee

Book a call

Book a call and speak directly to our expert coffee roasting team.

Become partners

Let's get together. We'll share our coffee and support you with skills training and equipment resources. 

Serve great coffee

Grow your business with repeat customers who love your coffee.

A proud cafe owner like you wants to serve your customers great tasting coffee so they come back for more! But you need quality coffee with the boutique coffee taste from a roastery that can give you the support you need.

At Sacred Grounds coffee, we partner with cafes, bars and restaurants to give them the coffee beans, support, barista training and equipment they’re seeking without having to work with big, impersonal brands. So you can grow your business with great-tasting coffee that your customers come back for time and time again.

Get a great cup of coffee every time and get on and enjoy your day. Smoothly roasted at our sacred grounds in Taupo, New Zealand.


Greg: 027 330 8931


44 Nukuhau Street
Taupo 3378


Monday to Friday 7am - 4:30pm
Saturday 10am - 3pm

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