Blended Coffee Beans

We know you love coffee as much as our three generations of roasters.

We have different blended coffee bean options so you can experience different aromas and choose which ones you like to invest in for your home or restaurant use.

We can supply you with a bag or two, or you can buy wholesale once you have found your blend.

Experience Our Special
Blend of Coffee in NZ

We all share a love for coffee, but everyone has their own flavour and blend preferences. We have combined blends of flavours for you, ready to kick-start your day. These are the blends you can expect from our roastery


This blend is simple yet delicious. Its name comes from the point that stands out on Lake Taupo and is a local espresso blend with taste notes of dark chocolate, almond, and molasses.


This blend is one of our original coffees that is well loved throughout our three generations of roasters. It is a mixture of tastes from Papua New Guinea and Colombia with notes of Apricot, Lime Acidity, Maple Syrup, and Omega Plums. Perfect for your plunger coffee.


From where we grew up on the breath-taking beaches in a relaxed way of life, this coffee is as smooth as a relaxing beach day but with a volcanic punch. You can enjoy this option best as a large milk and espresso-based coffee with notes of scorched almonds, woodfired raisins, nutmeg, and a honey aftertaste.


In keeping with our local patriotism, our latest blend takes its name from the mountain that overlooks our town. You will find that the hazelnut, praline, ripe blackberry, cocoa, and chocolate notes work well as espresso coffee.


Named after Mahia beach, this coffee is one you need to share. Beautiful and well-balanced works perfectly as espresso or filter coffee with roasted cashews, golden syrup, browned butter, and fruit leaf aromas.


This fair trade product will leave you sipping on the South America flavours that won a Golden Bean Silver medal. An original recipe established in 2018, you can drink this with a clear conscience, knowing you are making a difference in the world.


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