How Long Do Coffee Beans Last?

Have you taken a keen interest in coffee or would you call yourself a professional by now? Whether you’re just a coffee lover or a barista by trade, knowing the answer to “how long do coffee beans last?” will elevate your experience. Let’s see how you can make beans last longer using your refrigerator.

How Long do Coffee Beans Last in The Fridge?

If unopened and vacuum sealed, coffee beans have a shelf life of between six and nine months. Once opened. However, their quality reduces significantly. They will retain their flavour for one to two weeks if kept in the fridge.

How Long do Coffee Beans Last in The Freezer?

Besides storing your coffee beans away from heat, light, and moisture, you can also make them last longer by keeping them in the freezer. If unopened beans can maintain their freshness for three years, and if opened, for two.

How Long Do Coffee Beans Last Unsealed?

How long your unsealed beans stay fresh depends on whether they’ve been ground. This is because ground beans have more surface area than whole beans, so they lose carbon dioxide, which determines the bean’s freshness much quicker. Here are the shelf-life expectancies of both:

  • Ground: A coffee connoisseur will notice a difference in taste after just a few days once opened, whereas the average person may only pick up that the coffee has gone stale after a couple of weeks.

  • Unground: The flavour of whole beans begins deteriorating within a month if sealed but two to three weeks if unsealed. The benefit of whole beans, however, is that if stored correctly, you get to have a much fresher cup when you grind your own coffee (as opposed to having a pre-ground brew.)

The key to maintaining the flavour of your coffee is to slow down the oxidation process, that is, how much oxygen the coffee comes into contact with. Oxidation starts as soon as the coffee is roasted. The best way to prevent your coffee from losing its aroma may quite simply be to use your whole beans quickly.

Ever wondered what the valve on the coffee bag is for? The one-way valve allows carbon dioxide to escape from unopened bags so it doesn’t explode. However, this valve also lets your coffee’s distinctive smell escape. Therefore, another way of retaining your coffee’s intense aroma is to transfer the beans into an airtight container as soon as you’ve brought a bag home from the shops or it arrives at your door.

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