Decaf Coffee NZ

According to a recent survey commissioned by the Wild Bean Café - their Kiwi Coffee Consensus, 70% of New Zealanders consume at least one cup of coffee daily, with a quarter (24%) consuming three or more. So, it’s clear - we love our coffee.

However, for some of us, consuming coffee can interfere with sleep or make us jumpy and anxious. Others are obliged to cut down for health reasons. At the same time, if any of these describes you, don’t despair – you don’t need to go without; decaffeinated coffee is the solution.

That’s why, beyond regular coffee blends, Sacred Grounds offers an exciting range of decaf coffee roasted in NZ to keep everyone’s taste buds happy and your hopes and spirits up.

Discover Our Delicious
Regular and Decaf Coffee in NZ

Our delicious blends include Wharewaka, with almond, molasses and dark chocolate notes; Acacia Bay, with maple syrup, Omega plum, lime and apricot flavour profiles; and Coromandel, tasting of nutmeg, woodfired raisin, scorched almond and honey.

You’ll also find our hazelnut praline, blackberry, cocoa, and chocolate noted Tauhara blend and our fruit-loaf, roasted cashew, browned butter, and Golden Syrup profiled Mahia. Finally, try our South American sourced Golden Bean silver medal award-winning fair-trade organic blend.

Our coffee bean, ground plunger and espresso blends are also available in a decaf variant.

Choose Sacred Grounds

As a family of three generations of passionate coffee roasters, we strive to deliver excellence every step of the way, from sourcing our coffee beans to our unique and perfectly balanced blends to reliably delivering our outstanding coffee products to your door.

So, don’t let a lack of coffee get you down. Instead, start your day the right way as usual with our delectable range of decaffeinated coffee blends. For wholesale customers, your customers will love our decaf coffee, and you’ll love our personal attention and training.


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