Organic Coffee Beans
in NZ

If you love our organic coffee beans in NZ so much that you want to try your hand at barista skills, we have the beans, hot chocolate, and syrups to spice up your coffee.

We believe in using the best organic coffee beans and will gladly share with you why this is the way to go.

Why Making Coffee
the Organic Way Is Better

Besides having all the machines, plungers, and other barista equipment you may need to make a fresh brew, the main benefits we bring you is that which comes from our organic coffee beans:

  • Pesticides. Consider everything you consume in a day; now think about the bad stuff in your food, such as pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Switch to organic coffee to eliminate these harmful chemicals.
  • Nutrients. Switching to our organic coffee brings you the further benefit of extra nutrients. Without chemicals killing good stuff, the beans can absorb more micronutrients from the soil so you can enjoy them in your cup.
  • Good for everyone. Our award-winning beans come in different varieties, such as the fruity Acacia Bay and Mahia, spicy Coromandel, and the nutty Fair Trade Organic. By choosing fair Trade Organic, you also choose a better future for the planet, the community, the workers, and yourself.

You will also see that our organic coffee is fair trade, meaning it is good for you, the environment, and the pockets of the coffee workers


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