Plunger Coffee NZ

Coffee is a conversation starter, pick-me-upper, morning ritual, and the lifeblood of our family business.

Sacred Grounds supplies baristas and coffee enthusiasts with premium plunger coffee from NZ so you can enjoy the rich, hearty taste of cafe-quality arabica that tastes like home.

We source green coffee beans from local suppliers who import them directly from sustainable farms around the world.

Our Famous Plunger Coffee Blends That Taste Like Home


This dark and chocolatey coffee blend with hints of almond and molasses pairs perfectly with milky desserts that bring out its sweetness and compliment the bitter dark chocolate flavour. This simple but delicious blend is a favourite for a morning cuppa overlooking Lake Taupō.

Acacia Bay

One of our original and best plunger coffee blends, Acacia Bay brings the fruity flavours of Papa New Guinea and Colombia to life with hints of apricot, lime, plum, and maple syrup. It pairs well with coconut or carrot cake and spicy cinnamon buns.


Named after our family’s favourite beachfront, this coffee blend is smooth and relaxed with a fiery volcanic twist. Its spicy undertones of nutmeg, roasted almonds, and woodfired raisins pair well with Christmas pudding and caramel pancakes.


The newest member of the Sacred Grounds coffee family works well in plungers and espressos, with notes of hazelnut, blackberry, cocoa, and chocolate for an all-around everyday favourite.


This blend is the ultimate balance between fruity flavours and sweetness, bringing rich tastes together without overpowering the palate. Mahia’s fruity roasted cashew and golden syrup flavour pairs well with spicy breakfasts and buttery croissants.

Fair-trade organic

This South American coffee blend is an original recipe that won us a Golden Bean silver medal for its soft, golden sweetness with notes of Brazil nuts, honey, and milk chocolate.

Sacred Grounds is a family of third-generation coffee roasters passionate about filling your cup with sustainable and ethically sourced coffee every morning. We supply plunger coffee across NZ for wholesale and retail so everyone can enjoy a flavourful start to the day, whether you take your first sip on the move or at home.


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