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Espresso is a brewing process and a concentrated form of coffee by the same name, originating in Italy more than a century ago.

It can be made using regular blends of beans and grounds pressurised to be thicker with a delicate, creamy ‘crema’. Typically, a single shot of espresso needs up to 42 coffee beans.

Espresso is served as small, strong shots - as is in an espresso coffee cup or in various coffee beverages, including milk or milk alternatives, such as lattés, flat whites, and cappuccinos.

This invigorating coffee form can be enjoyed at cafes and at home using an espresso machine, a Moka Pot, an Aeropress, or a French press.

In addition, if you’re looking for unique and exotic blends, buy espresso coffee online at Sacred Grounds.

Why Choose to Buy
Espresso Coffee Online With Us?

Our espresso coffee includes six exceptional blends, namely

  • Wharewaka: Enjoy your espresso coffee with tones of molasses, dark chocolate and almond.

  • Acacia Bay: This Colombian and Papua New Guinea blend offers the delicious flavours of apricot, Omega plum, lime and maple syrup.

  • Coromandel: This espresso bursts with heavenly nutmeg, almond, and woodfired raisin, with a silky honey aftertaste.

  • Tauhara: Our Tauhara blend offers the satisfyingly strong taste of espresso with ripe blackberry, chocolate, cocoa and hazelnut praline notes.

  • Mahia: Savour coffee with hints of browned butter, Golden Syrup, roasted cashew and fruit loaf.

  • Fair-trade organic: We’ve sourced these mouth-watering, Golden Bean silver medal award-winning blend flavours from South America: it’s organic, ethical, and fabulous

We also stock a decaf espresso option for those cutting back without foregoing their tasty coffee treat.

We are a passionate family team dedicated to providing the best beans and blends and exceptional customer service and shipping. We live, sleep and breathe coffee, so you can trust us with your coffee cravings.

So, enjoy your coffee extra strong with an order of one of Sacred Grounds’ espresso blends today. Order online or visit us in our Taupo store.


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